Finished Project -- Tribal Belt

This is a tribal belly dance belt that I made with scarps I had around the house the night before a performance. It worked out pretty well but I'd like to add something to it but I'm really not sure quite what yet.

I also made an almost identical one the same night for a fellow belly dancer who is in my student troupe. 

Finished Project -- Saidi Dress

This is a third Saidi Dress I made for my group. This one actually is mine and has beaded coins lining the slits. I didn't made the coin belt on it but it is part of the look.

Finished Project -- Renn Faire Bodice

Last night I finished a Green Renn Faire Bodice. I drafted the pattern myself not that there is really that much too it but I think it is pretty good for a first time making anything of the like to completion

Clothing Tags.

For a while now I've been thinking about getting woven clothing tags made up for all of the projects I get myself into. I took the first step some time last week and commissioned xmordecaix  to create the image for my labels. I need to save up for the labels so the wont be made for at least a month or so but once they are ready I will make sure to post them here.  But for now here is a sneak peek at the art that will be on the woven tags.

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